Kopon, kopon everywhere

28 May 2013

"Kopon, kopon everywhere" that's what one of my friend said when i published my another android application that related to kopon. Well a few month ago i published my first ever android game in Google play, not a a bad game but not good enough too, give it a try here. Don't forget to rate it if you like it.

Okay now let talk about "Kopon". Kopon is a puzzle kid aiming for children but everyone can play it. The rules is simple there is a bunch of emoticon with color, all you need to do is to find the difference one and touch it, that's all, easy isn't it. but of course when the level goes high the puzzle size grown up too, won't easily beat this.

And as my friend said before "Kopon, kopon everywhere" this month i make 5 apps that related to kopon. 2 live wallpapers, 2 LED light screen and one widget. You can download kopon live wallpapers at Slide Me.

And then i published 2 LED light related to kopon you can check it Amazon Store there is also Kopon digital clock widget at Amazon store.
Kopon digital clock widget

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