Kutip Sampah

01 July 2013

Kutip Sampah is the first android game i made, i read an article about just do it simple, playable, and you can finish it! well and i made it. Almost 2 months to make this game, this is the first time i learn about game programming. I have make a game before but don't know the structure of it, no game loop and all of its friend.

This the e-book i read to make my first android game Beginning Android 4 Games Development by Robert Green and Mario Zechner. This book is great for you to start learning game programming for android, before you choose a game engine that suit with yours. I learn about this book and make this Kutip Sampah game at the same time.
Kutip Sampah is an Indonesian language. Kutip Sampah is a game about rubbish/garbage, at the gameplay screen you could see garbage everywhere in the road. You job here is to touch/take 100 garbage as fast as you can, that's all! Simple right. Kutip Sampah game will save your fastest time.

You can download apk file here at Dropbox

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