Naruto Hangman Game

26 November 2013

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You know much about Naruto? 
Then you must play this Naruto Hangman Quiz Game! and challenge yourself to guess the words that related to Naruto manga, anime or movie. There are so many characters that you see in Naruto anime or manga but forget or don't know their name yet, so try this Naruto Hangman Quiz Game and figure out who are them. There are also shinobi techniques, weapons, places and country in Naruto anime or manga in this game. So download this Naruto Hangman Quiz Game and play it today at your android phone here Google Play

Naruto Hangman Game divided into 3 level :
  • genin (easy)
  • chunin (normal)
  • jonin (hard)

Note: The question/hint would appear if you tap the "question mark" button. Thanks

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