Easy 2D Game Art for Programmer

07 September 2013

First Attempt
Are you a game programmer? creating game art is a problem for you? an independent game developer that not have enough money to hire an artist? then i have a solution for you and for me too. 

Okay i few days ago there is a independent game developer and she is a game programmer. She was complaining in the forum that so hard to find a good game artist that would work for him and not being paid. Well not being paid? Yes, she was starting and dreaming to having a game studio and need people to help her especially a game artist.

Well if you just starting making game and need a game art, there is another way besides finding people to do it. Do the art yourself. Yes, do it yourself. Actually is not that hard to do it yourself. You don't trust me? then visit this blog that i found here. Just using round shape and a bit of creativity. You can use open source tool like Inkscape and Gimp. Well you can start from the first tutorial in that blog here. I make my own here, look nice right :D. Okay now it's your turn. Good Luck!
After few days and follow some of the tutorial

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